Wednesday, March 15, 2017

You Too Can Watch the America’s Cup Race from a Private Yacht

But Why Would You Want to?

Random Thoughts While Waiting for the GOP to Eliminate Health Care for Low Income Families

An ad in the WSJ touts a contest where the winner can watch the 35th America’s Cup from a yacht, presumably somewhere in the Ocean.  This sounds more like the losing prize.  Watching billionaires race yachts is like watching the wind blow; actually it is watching the wind blow.

Roll Call reported that had Ms. Clinton won the Presidency Nancy Pelosi would have stepped down as minority leader in the House.  Exactly how has she made things better by staying on other than blocking new, younger, more energetic leadership?

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader did something he has rarely done.  He told the truth.  He admitted Mexico would not pay for Trump’s Folly, also known as the Wall.  Let’s hope he learned his lesson.

Trump is reportedly sharply reducing funds to the Coast Guard to build the Wall.  Apparently Trumpet does not understand that illegal immigrants can take a boat around the wall.  Maybe he thinks illegals will see the wall and then think, wow, I guess I will go back home to poverty and crime and drugs and violence.

WiKi Leaks dumped intel info that shows intelligence agencies can spy on people through their TV’s.  It will soon be reported that Trump’s smart TV is programmed to immediately show any channel that is discussing Trump. 

The House Republican will soon start working on tax cuts for the ultra wealthy because their so-called reform of health care only has a trillion in tax relief for America’s richest. 

A bigoted, nasty ultra-nationalist is running for President of France.  She is expected to win the first round of a two round race.  If she wins the presidency the EU is probably over.  Nothing to worry about here, given Europe's history in the 20th century what could go wrong?

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