Friday, March 17, 2017

Georgia Mayor Talking About Special Election Admits GOP Only Vote for White Folks

Republican Comes Clean that They Won't Vote for People with Funny Names

Those of us who have observed the white male dominated Republican party give lip service to diversity always wondered when they would just become honest and admit their prejudices.  Well in Georgia they are going to have a special election to fill the House seat of the man who will destroy health care in this nation, and an article in the New Yorker says the Democrat may have a chance in this solidly Republican district.  Not so fast says the Republican Mayor of Roswell.

"Ossoff thinks he can turn the sixth blue, and claim the first congressional win against Trump on the G.O.P.’s own turf.

Jere Wood, the longtime Republican mayor of Roswell, disagrees. “This isn’t a youth vote up here,” he told me at his office, when I asked him about the makeup of the Sixth. “This is a mature voter base. If someone is going down the list, they’re gonna vote for somebody who is familiar.” He paused. “If you just say ‘Ossoff,’ some folks are gonna think, ‘Is he Muslim? Is he Lebanese? Is he Indian?’ It’s an ethnic-sounding name, even though he may be a white guy, from Scotland or wherever.”

Well there you have it folks, right from the horse's ass, a local Republican big shot crowing about how Republicans won't vote for a ethnic, or even a person with an ethnic sounding name.  Would be nice for Republicans to be real Americans for change, but under Trump, ain't gonna happen is it.

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