Monday, March 13, 2017

Hey Paul Ryan, Here's a Fact for You - A Real Fact, Not an Alternative One - Without Health Insurance and Medicaid People Die

But Not You, You Get Government Sponsored Group Health Insurance

House Speaker Paul Ryan likes to talk about freedom.  In his mind freedom is the right to go without health insurance if you cannot afford it.  That kills people.  The WaPo has the story from McDowell county West Virginia.  Itg describes Keisha McNew who works in a clinic.  It also talks about her brother Derrick..

"It was 2003 when Derrick started to feel pains in his back and groin, and Keisha, then a 22-year-old licensed practical nurse, started to understand what insurance could mean. Derrick was 24 — too old to be covered by his father’s insurance but unable to afford his own. He thought his only option was to go to an emergency room. His parents remember him returning home, having been told there was nothing wrong with him. When the pain didn’t go away, Derrick tried a different ER. Keisha would later learn that doctors thought her brother was seeking pain pills. Months passed.
All the while, a tumor inside his kidney was growing. A few months after the cancer was finally discovered, Derrick died at 25."
A snapshot of Keisha’s brother Derrick, who was uninsured when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He died at 25. (Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post)

See, you cannot diagnose cancer in an ER. It needs a physician. And if you don't have insurance you can only go to the ER.

Paul Ryan says he is interested in helping low income people. He has taken tours of low income areas in order to learn how to help them. Apparently he has learned nothing, not surprising in a man so odious as to deny health care to people in order to fund tax cuts for the wealthy.  What can we say about people like Paul Ryan?  Pretty clear, they just don't give a damn about anyone other than their wealthy supporters.  And people die.

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