Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Heartfelt thanks to Trump for Pushing Some of the Most Odious GOP Politicos Out of the Public Spotlight

Praise Tempered Only by the Fact That in Trump an Even More Odious Person Has Taken Center Stage

As Trump proposes a hard right wing nominee to the Supreme Court, a Clarence Thomas clone who may be able to actually talk but not think, one looks for some good in all of this.  And there is some good, because some of the worst, most offensive Republicans no longer command the attention of the media.  So in case they are feeling sorry for themselves, here is some publicity for them, although to be fair they may not like it.

1.  Ted Cruz:  A senator so hated by his own party he ran for President sucking up to Trump voters.  Then when Trump turned on him and his family he fought back.  Then when Trump became the President-elect he started sucking up again.  Now he's just a failure, hoping that a more agreeable candidate, that is, anyone else, will not challenge him in his Texas primary next year.

2.  Carly Fiorina:  A failed CEO who failed in her campaign to win a senate seat she obviously felt this qualified her to run for President.  It did not.  Now in a desperate attempt to return to some semblence of recognition she apparently is considering a run for Virginia governor or senator.  In the meantime thanks to Donald this mean, vindictive person is on the sidelines.

3.  Mike Huckabee:  At one time this man was compassionate for immigrants and had a cause we could all support, government encouragement of nutrition and anti-obesity programs.  Now he's just living in Florida after two failed presidential runs, and it looks like only Fox News will touch him.  Fox, you're welcome to him.

4.  Rudy Giuliani:  Rudy made a fool of himself during the Presidential campaign, and recently re-surfaced as an architect of Trump's immigration orders, which explains much of the chaos and confusion and flat out incompetence of the thing.  Obviously ashamed to go on national TV to show  his stupidity hopefully he will continue to just slink off into the sunset.

5.  Chris Christie:  The soon to be former Governor of New Jersey set a new standard in obsequity but after not being offered the job of Doorman at the White House he slunk back to New Jersey where his approval ratings are about as low as can be measured.  In fact they may be negative as dead people have been known to come back alive just to register their disgust with the man.  Christie will finish out his term and soon be forgotten unless Trump needs a whiner to help him perfect his whining.

6.  Pat McCrory:  The former governor of North Carolina made the trek to Trump Tower looking for a new job but the bathroom staff at the White House will be carried over from the Obama administration.  McCrory is reported to be in line for a tenured Professor of Bigotry at Trump University.

7.  Newt Gingrich:  The former Speaker declined the offer of jobs in the Trump White House, that is, he would have had he been offered any.  Gingrich now has only fleeting job prospects on the soon to be announced Fox News sister channel called TBC, The Blowhard Channel.  But his wife is reportedly in to be an Ambassador to the Vatican.  Since she is the third wife of a philandering divorced man Trump thinks she is just the person to impress the Catholic heirarchy.

Well there it is folks, seven people we have hopefully seen the last of.

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