Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Paul Ryan's Faith Based Tax Policy

It Must Be Because It Sure Ain't Logic Based

Republicans are working their way towards what they call tax reform, what the rest of the world calls tax cuts for the wealthy.  First of all they hope Trump doesn't muddy the water with his own plan because he knows even less about taxes than Ryan.

 Supporters of Ryan’s proposal are crossing their fingers that Trump doesn’t introduce a detailed tax plan at all, worried it could complicate their work.

Well not to worry Paulie, we think Trumpie is too concerned with fictional wiretappings to think about tax policy.

And Ryan wants a border tax, which is a huge tax on imports.  No logic, just religious faith.

“I heard 'keep your powder dry' as, ‘Don’t articulate your cogent arguments against our bad idea,’” one senator said. “I have not yet talked to a single senator who’s enthusiastic about it. Ryan and [Ways and Means Chairman Kevin] Brady seem to have a near-theological commitment to it.”

Image result for images of preaching the gospel
Paul Ryan explaining his border tax

That's probably right. All of the other Ryan stuff is faith based, on a hope and a prayer so why should this be different.

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