Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Trump is Installing Daughter Ivanka in White House Because . . .

We Answer Questions That Most Forums Cannot

Trying to make sense of politics and government these days is a tricky job.  The current administration is so irrational that trying to find any rationality is a difficult job for even the smartest pundits.  But fear not, the DPE is here to clear it all up.

Question:  Why has President Trumpie put his daughter in the White House as an adviser?

It turns out that because none of the White House staff and counselors have any experience or knowledge of governing  real people, that is, people with credentials are refusing to join the team.  And the current team has told everyone in no uncertain terms that they would be embarrassed if real experts came on board.  So Ivanka Trump has been chosen so the others will not feel threatened as they would if someone who was actually qualified were appointed.

Question:  Why won’t Trump say he was wrong about being wiretapped?

Trump is apparently afraid that if he were to admit he was wrong on that issue people would expect him to admit when he was wrong on other issues, and as Trump reportedly said about that “Look, there are only 24 hours in a day, if I start admitting where I have been wrong I could not get anything else done.”  A number of colleagues anonymously told the press they thought Trump not getting anything else done would be a positive.

Question:  Why does Paul Ryan want low income people to do without healthcare?

Ryan once had to wait 4 minutes in a doctor’s office for treatment of a spinal condition (he lacks one) while the office took care of an emergency Medicaid patient.  He has been incensed that a poor person with a life threatening condition would get preference over him and has fought health care for anyone making under $120,000 a year ever since.

Question:  Exactly how much damage to national security did Ms. Clinton having a private e-mail server do?

None, but the FBI has asked that no one mention that.

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