Monday, March 13, 2017

Gary Cohn – A New Villain in the Cast of Hundreds of Villains in the Trump Health Care Debacle

How Bad is GOP Health Care Policy When Even Fox News Piles On

The Republican Health Care plan is not a health care plan.  It is a massive tax cut for the very wealthy combined with a gradual destruction of health care for low income and disabled persons through cuts in Medicaid.  And now a Trump adviser, Gary Cohn admits that the administration just does not care.

Chris Wallace interviews Gary Cohn CREDIT: Fox News Sunday
Incredible - The Fox News Guy is more decent, compassionate and smarter than the Trump Guy

Here is a summary of Mr. Cohn on Fox News as Chris Wallace pressed him on the millions who will lose health insurance.

“Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace grilled Gary Cohn, the Trump administration’s National Economic Council director, about the millions of people slated to lose their health insurance coverage under the Trumpcare proposal on Sunday. After a lot of dodging, Cohn said the number of people who are insured is “interesting” but beside the point.
Wallace noted the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO)— which is lead by Congressional Republicans’ handpicked economistis expected to release an analysis that finds the Trumpcare proposal would mean between “6 and 15 million people” losing their health insurance coverage. “Will the president support a bill that sends millions of Americans off insurance?” Wallace asked.”

And here is the really telling statement.

“The numbers of who’s covered and who’s not covered,” Cohn replied. “That’s interesting and I know that may make some headlines, but what we care about is people’s ability to get healthcare and people’s ability to go see their doctor.”

Wow, this idiot, who was formerly with Goldman Sachs and undoubtedly is wealthy beyond all comprehension and has superb health insurance doesn’t care about people not being covered.  They just need the ability to get health care which apparently in his demented mind they don’t have now and somehow losing their insurance will make them better able to get healthcare and see a doctor. 

What alternative fact based universe does this man live in?  Oh, Trump World of course.  Meanwhile the message to all of those Trump supporters who now will not have coverage, just go see the doctor of your choice, tell them you don’t have coverage and see how long you wait.  Still waiting.  Still waiting. . . . .

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