Thursday, March 23, 2017

Trump Refuses to Believe that Justice Department is Part of the Executive Branch and Reports to Him

Needs Congress to Investigate the Executive Branch on Fictional Wiretap Charges

Don’t you think if I could find out the answers someone would have told me that” Trump did not say. And he also did not say “Look, I am the President and that means I can lie at Will (or Sam or Judy)

In order for Trump Tower to have been the object of surveillance and wire tapping the Justice Department had to be the one to do it (unless it was the Brits, sorry just kidding).  Now apparently unknown to the President the Justice Department is part of the executive branch of the government.  So if one is President and if one wants to know if anyone was the target of surveillance as part of an investigation into Americans acting as agents of foreign government, one just needs to pick up the phone and ask. 

Unfortunately for the current President, if he did such a thing he would learn that no, there was no wire tapping and that he, the current President, said was wrong.  Since by definition Trump cannot be wrong, he cannot determine that he was wrong.  So we will have the Congress trying to investigate (really cover up) the lies here. 

Crazy at the Ben Carson level of crazy.

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