Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Navy Seal Dies Due to Trump Administration's Arrogance, Stupidity, Ignorance and Trump Exploits It For Partisan PoliticsT

The Saddest Part of a Sad Speech to Congress

The spectre of Donald Trump pontificating to Congress and the nation was made infinitely worse by this.

From her seat among Washington dignitaries on Tuesday night, Carryn Owens fought back tears. Grief visible in her face, the widow of William “Ryan” Owens, a Navy SEAL killed less than a month ago in the Trump administration’s first counterterrorism operation, wore a strained smile and applauded as President Trump paid an extended tribute to her husband.

Yes, Ryan Owens was a hero. But he died because the Trump people authorized and implemented a military operation that was flawed from the beginning because not only did they not know what they were doing, they did not know that they did not know what they were doing.

But the raid, the first overseas operation approved in the Trump presidency, triggered a sustained storm of criticism. ­Numerous elements of the operation went wrong, resulting in not only Owens’s death but also a score of likely civilian casualties and the destruction of a $75 million aircraft.
To many national security experts, the new administration’s handling of the operation reflected a lack of proper caution and consideration.
The raid also caused a possible risk with the Yemeni government, an ally against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and in the broader civil conflict that has pushed Yemen into a severe humanitarian crisis.
Trump used Ms. Owens as a political pawn. We only hope that she gets solace and relief from Trumps horrific cynical actions, and that ultimately the truth of the Trump incompetency will over-ride the fake punditry that his speech was 'Presidential'.

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