Monday, March 20, 2017

West Virginia Governor Wants to Allow Drilling on Your Land Even If You Have Not Given Approval

Conservatives Don’t Seem Outraged, Why Not?

A basic tenet of conservatism is property rights.  In fact for many conservatives property rights trump civil rights.  This may be something, you know, left over from pre 1865 America where there was human property, but maybe not.

Anyway the Governor of West Virginia who is a wealthy coal mining baron wants to do something that should enrage conservatives.

He also endorsed legislation the oil and gas industry would like to enable horizontal drilling across properties where most, but sometimes not all, landowners have agreed to terms.
“I’m going to make a lot of people mad, probably, at me,” he said, “but I cannot understand why in the world we can’t get that through,” Justice said to applause. “I would be an absolute proponent of that.

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Conservative reacting to W. Va. Proposal to Drill on Your Land Without Your Permission

Well why not?  But if the Governor cannot understand opposition to that well he needs a course in government 101.  

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