Sunday, March 5, 2017

Coal Miners Get Payback for Electing Republicans in Kentucky - GOP Wants to Cut Mine Safety Inspections

Coal Miners, Others, When are You Going to Learn

The Republicans are Not On Your Side

Kentucky is one of the last states to go completely Republican.  One reason they did so was coal miners thinking they would be better served by Republicans.  They were wrong.

The state requires four inspections of underground mines each year, down from six a year thanks to a provision included in last year’s budget bill. At least two of the four inspections must be full electrical inspections.
House Bill 384 would decrease the number of inspections to three, with only one full electrical inspection. It was approved Wednesday by the House Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection Committee and sent to the full House for its consideration.

The false rationale is that the Feds do a lot of inspections so state inspections are not necessary. Well first of all the Feds have a horrible record in mine safety. And second, does anyone expect the current administration to aggressively pursue mine safety. Anyone? Didn't think so.

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