Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Asheville North Carolina Minister Furious that American Girl Company Will Introduce a Boy Doll

Whom the gods destroy they first make laughing stock

Need some comic relief along with a story that really exposes the so-called religious folks in a fake controversy.  Well here it is. from our friends in Asheville, North Carolina.

American Girl introduces boy doll, local minister enraged

What exactly is the preacher's problem?  Oh this.

The Rev. Keith Ogden of Hill Street Baptist Church sent a message to more than 100 of his supporters and parishioners Wednesday titled, "KILLING THE MINDS OF MALE BABIES."

Ogden invoked Scripture as he criticized the American Girl company for its debut of Logan Everett, a drummer boy doll, who performs alongside Tenney Grant, a girl doll with a flair for country western music.

Want more, well feast on this decidely un-charitable rant from the clergy.

"This is nothing more than a trick of the enemy to emasculate little boys and confuse their role to become men," the minister said in the e-mailed statement he sent at 9:45 a.m. Wednesday after watching a segment about American Girl on "Good Morning America."

As for the good folks in Asheville, some good news

In June he announced he would soon leave Buncombe County due to his wife's health concerns. He said Wednesday he still doesn't know when he will depart; he is trying to sell his house.

Well, we all wish his wife well, since she has suffered enough by being married to this perso.  And so far, no outcry of regret from Ashevillians about the departure of the good reverend.  And the word is the house will be ready for occupancy as soon as the Exorcist finishes removing the evil spirit of Rev. Ogden from the premises.

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