Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump Cons Media with Superficial Platitudes and No Specifics in Speech

And Trump Must Be Laughing Hysterically at How Easy it is to Fool the Press

In  speech to Congress Donnie the Trump didn't rant and rave, and in the eyes and words of the media that made him Presidential.  Yes, the bar is that low.

From the Washington Post:

In first joint address to Congress, Trump wins high marks for his steady, muscular tone

The FixAnalysis
Trump’s surprisingly presidential address, annotated


Winners and losers from Trump’s big speech
This may have been the best speech Trump has given since he entered politics in June 2015, and people rooting for his imminent demise may be disappointed.


At precisely the moment he needed to project sobriety, Mr. Trump delivered the most presidential speech he has ever given.

Yes, we know, hard to not barf.  And if these great newspapers can be fooled so easily, really, what hope is there for the nation?

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