Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Small Amish Sect Claims Right to Pollute with Horse Manure under Religious Freedom

Just another group trying to hijack the Constitution

As a member of a religious minority that has been persecuted for about 2,000 years the DPE yields to no one in his zeal for freedom of religion.  But ultra fundamentalists have used that principle to try and impose their beliefs on those who have different beliefs.  This is not particular to any one religion, fundamentalist Christians want to make the U. S. a 'Christian' nation ruled by biblical law.  Fundamentalist ultra orthodox Jews want Israel to be governed by what they and they alone believe Judiasm is.  And radical fundamentalist Islamists want to kill anyone who doesn't adhere to their practices.

So now we have the weird story where a very strict Amish group in Kentucky will not prevent their horses from littering the roads with manure because doing so would in their twisted minds impose a burden on their practice of their religion.

"Two Amish men in Auburn, Ky., filed a lawsuit last month saying a city ordinance requiring horses to wear equine diapers—bags designed to catch manure—violated the ability of Amish residents to exercise their religion.

The ordinance, passed in 2014, broadened an existing law mandating the removal of dog waste in public places. The new law, which the city said was spurred by complaints from neighbors about horse manure, requires a “properly fitted collection device” to be placed on all horses walking on the street."

Unknown to almost everyone apparently this along with other nonsense has been an issue elsewhere.

"The equine diaper issue has also come up in Wisconsin, southern Indiana and upstate New York. Many disputes in recent years have centered around whether Amish homes must adhere to building codes, including the installation of smoke detectors."

If it exists Hell is littered with a lot of people, but if it exists one doubts that it is populated with people that installed smoke detectors, you know, the kind that prevent their children from burning to death.

Now one can only hope that this case is dismissed just as fast as humanly possible.  The DPE has interacted all of his life with the Amish and the Mennonites and finds they are wonderful, kind, caring and compassionate people worth of great adminiration.  But there's always the exception. 

 What kind of people can call themselves religious who believe one of the commandments is 'Thou shall litter the earth with horseshit'.  What kind of people call themselves religous but say they should be allowed to practice in a way that endangers the health of the community and pollutes the environment.

On a serious note this is sad and serious.  

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