Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Thanks to Coal Country, Trump Won Coal States; Trump to Coal States – Screw You

And They Have Only Themselves to Blame

How gullible were the voters in coal states like West Virginia and Kentucky to vote for Trump.  Pretty  gullible.  Everyone else knew Trumpie didn’t care for coal miners and their families and their economy.  But he whispered sweet things in their ears and they voted for him.  Here is their reward.

Earl Gohl (C), co-director of the Appalachian Regional Commission, is participating in a coding demo with Interapt trainees in Paintsville, Kentucky, U.S. on March 13, 2017. REUTERS/Valerie Volcovici

Sorry, No Can Afford

Trump seeks to ax Appalachia economic programs, causing worry in coal country

"President Donald Trump has proposed eliminating funding for economic development programs supporting laid-off coal miners and others in Appalachia, stirring fears in a region that supported him of another letdown on the heels of the coal industry’s collapse.
The 2018 budget proposal submitted to Congress by the White House on Thursday would cut funds to the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and the U.S. Economic Development Administration. The Washington-based organizations are charged with diversifying the economies of states like West Virginia and Kentucky to help them recover from coal’s decline.
The proposed cuts would save the federal government $340 million and come as the Republican president seeks to slash a wide array of federal programs and regulations to make way for increased military spending.
But they are perceived by some in Appalachia as a betrayal of his promises to help coal miners.
"Folks that live in Appalachia believe that the ARC belongs to them," said federal ARC Co-Chair Earl Gohl, bemoaning the proposed cut. "It's really their organization."

So will these people change their minds and realize that they have been betrayed?  No way.  They would rather suffer than admit they were wrong and the Dems were right.

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