Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Trump SEC Nominee Clears Ethics Review – Here’s How Current Nominees Do That

Snarky Comments on the News

The Wall Street Journal reports that Trumpie’s pick to head the SEC has been cleared to go ahead by an ethics review.  How do Trump’s picks do that?  By showing that they have no ethics at all of course, what did you expect.

The WaPo has reported that the current administration will seek deep cuts in the agencies that work on weather and weather related research and reporting.  In Trump’s mind the best way to fight global warming is to forbid any news about it or climate in general.  People can’t be upset if they don’t know about the coming disaster the Trumpman did not say.

Trump is also wanting to cut thousands of jobs at the EPA, part of his put America back to work again by firing people.  Apparently the administration never really understood what the term ‘jobs’ meant when they promised more of them. 

The WaPo is also reporting that the EPA will pull back on mileage standards that the auto industry agreed to.  There was no support for the rumor that the EPA wants to cause a gas shortage just so Trump can fulfill a campaign promise to take over Iraq’s oil as ‘war booty’ which this nation deserves for de-stabilizing the region and destroying the nation of Iraq.  The administration will deny this claim, arguing that once the defense buildup is complete the U. S. can take whatever it wants from Iraq with no need to justify actions.

Lying Attorney General Sessions is likely to protest charges that he perjured himself in his confirmation hearing by asking the rhetorical question, “Could I be that stupid and still be the Attorney General?”  A Fox News Poll found that 67% of Americans thought the answer to that question was ‘yes’ and majority of Fox News viewers responded that they,  the stupid people of the world needed someone stupid to represent them. 

Trump is reported to be furious that Democrats are not approving appointees that he has not yet nominated.  A team of scholars from the conservative Heritage Foundation has been rushed to the White House to give the President a crash course on how Washington works, included a whole day to explain that the Senate cannot vote on a position until someone has been nominated for the position.

Arnold Schwarzenneger will not return to hosting The Celebrity Apprentice in part because no one was ever able to recognize the celebrities on the show. 

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