Sunday, March 12, 2017

Finally, People are Taking on the Drug Companies that are Flooding the World with Opiates

West Virginia Attorneys Are Suing Pharma for the Horrific Harm Their Opioids Have Done

Unlike heroin, pain killers are legitimate medicines available by prescription.  So the opioid crisis that is destroying families in states like West Virginia is being propogated by legal drugs.  Those who manufacture those drugs claim that they are not responsible.  That is about to be tested in court.

"Attorneys in West Virginia, which has the highest opioid overdose rate in the nation, filed lawsuits in federal court Thursday on behalf of two counties and targeting some of the nation’s largest drug distribution companies. A dozen attorneys general in hard-hit states are considering similar suits against many of the same companies.
“The purpose of these lawsuits is to make the economic cost of willfully violating the law so significant that we force the wholesalers to abide by the law,” said Paul Farrell Jr., who filed the lawsuits in West Virginia and plans to file lawsuits on behalf of five other counties in the state next week."

We don't know the law here, neither does anyone else. But as these suits go forward we will all find out. And hopefully if nothing else the firms that manufacture these addictive drugs will be moved to do something about them.  It's not like the current administration will do much, except reduce treatment and prevention in their so-called health reform act.

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