Sunday, March 5, 2017

Trump Furious Obama Wire Tapped Him, Wants Obama Impeached

Reported to be Even Madder When Told He Cannot Impeach a Former President

Washington (FakeNN)  Trumpie is now claiming that during the campaign President Obama wire tapped him and was engaged in a great conspiracy to make Trumper lose the election.  After learning this information from a UFO that landed in the White House Trump called the Acting* Attorney Geneal Beau Sessions who said he didn't think you could impeach a former President but that he would check with the Russian Ambassador and see if it could be done.

Members of the White Houe staff had wanted Trumpet to take a remedial course on the Constitution or at least read it, but Donnie said he knew more about the Constitution and its 27 articles than any of the generals, so the staff backed off.

*Acting because he obviously has no idea how to be a real AG

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