Thursday, March 9, 2017

Rep. Dave Brat of Virginia Thinks Climate Change is Funny

Not Too Funny in Norfolk Where Streets Are Flooding at High Tide

Republican congressmen and women are learning first hand about the real silent majority.  That silen tmajority is become silent no more. as Republican bomb thrower Dave Brat is learning first hand.  Faced with angry constitutents the conservative held a town hall in a friendly area as far away from the center of his district as he could.  The attempt to avoid voters did not work.

"Brat held the meeting in a tiny town in Nottoway County, a rural community carried by Trump in November. It’s about an hour south of where most in Brat’s district live, but that didn’t stop a stream of people from driving into town and filling up the town hall, with scores shut out on the sidewalk."

His district is near Norfolk, which is one of the low lying areas experiencing flooding from global warming. Brat thinks that is funny.

"Blackstone Mayor Billy Coleburn acted as an emcee, reading written questions collected from the crowd. Asked “Do you deny climate change?” Brat said “No, the climate changes all the time.” His apparent attempt at levity angered the crowd, prompting some to yell “Answer the question!”

Image result for images of flooding in norfolk
What parts of Virginia's coastal areas could look like under Republican climate policy.

It's not a joke son.

Brat is probably safe in a gerrymandered district. But let's hope he sweats a lot, and not just from global warming.  And then there is this.

"Brat, who seemed a little startled at the beginning of the evening, said afterward that he didn’t mind the constant jeering and that he understood the country’s divisions have deepened since the election.
“I thought it was going to be worse,” he said."
Well we all hope so Mr. Brat, we all want that.

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