Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Republicans Reach New Lows (Highs) of Stupidity on Cutting Taxes and Spending

The Most Idiotic Statement to Date

Now that they have failed on health care reform Republicans are looking to fail on tax reform.  For them tax reform is cutting taxes on the wealthiest, and the conservatives who were all worried about the national debt under Obama now don't care.  But that is not even the worst of their idiocy.  Look a this from the WaPo.

"Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) hinted at that last month on CNN, suggested he would be willing to consider new spending on some of Trump's priorities once taxes had been reduced. "Those spending pieces, we'll debate those coming up — the military, the wall, the infrastructure plan — but you've got to see tax reform in place first," Brat told CNN last month. "Otherwise, we can't afford it."

Yes this man is saying that unless the Congress reduces revenues the nation cannot afford to spend more money. In what universe does that make sense? Oh, the Republican universe, reality is optional there.

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