Wednesday, March 15, 2017

House Speaker Paul Ryan Reported to be Furious GOP Health Care Bill Did Not Kick Everyone off Individual Insurance Policies

“We Crafted it so Carefully that at the End None of these Lousy Bastards Would Have Health Care.  What Happened” he did not say

Washington (Fake News Network).  The leader of the House Republicans, Speaker Paul Ryan saw his years long dream crushed today as the CBO determined that not every single person with individual health care insurance would lose it under the GOP bill.  “I just can’t believe that anyone will be able to afford coverage” Ryan did not say and he went on to not say “those people do not deserve health care and we were elected to see that they didn’t.  This is an epic failure on our part”.

The CBO estimate that 24 million people would lose coverage apparently was just not good enough for the Speaker who had not privately told supporters that he wanted the number to be much higher.  He indicated he and several other Republicans had worked extensively with conservatives to bring the goal of no health insurance for low and middle income families to fruition. Ryan clearly expected that with a new President who was very hostile to anyone but himself having health care that after the Republicans pushed their bill through committees in the middle of the night the elusive goal would be reached.

It was not clear if Ryan would amend the AHCA to make buying insurance even more expensive and more difficult or if he would just start all over.  Ryan did tell friends that he thought the provision of denying coverage for pre-existing conditions was not justifiable given that insurance would cover conditions developing after insurance was obtained.  Ryan apparently feels that health insurance for low and middle income families should not only deny coverage for pre-existing conditions but should also deny coverage for any condition that develops during a period in which the person has insurance.  “Otherwise it’s just not fair” he tweeted.

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