Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump to Make Major Boost in Military Spending

Exactly How Many Aircraft Carriers Does It take to Kill One Lone Terrorist?  Actually, Less Than One

This is what happens when ignorance combines with authority

In one of the dumbest policy moves in an administration filled with dumb policy moves we have this, from the WSJ.

WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump, in his address to Congress on Tuesday, will call for a $20 billion boost in current military spending and sharp cuts in other programs, and insist on raising budget caps that call for future cuts to defense outlays. , , , ,
Mr. Trump is expected to make the case for more defense spending during the address. The White House plan calls for $603 billion in military spending, which is a 2% boost from current levels. That sum would also represent a $54 billion, or 10%, increase over budget caps set in law.

How does that compare to the rest of the world, well look at this. Either our military is incredibly inept, which it is not or our political leadership is incredibly inept, which it is. The threat to the U. S. is from terrorist attacks, groups of men and women who use conventional weapons, easily available thanks to our gun laws, to kill and maim. How these people are going to be threatened by adding to the fleet or buying more jets is not known, because it does not exist.

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