Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How Revolting is Republican Health Care Plan - Ezra Klein Suggest It May be Designed to Fail

The Thinking:  Otherwise Trumcare aka Ryancare Will Be a Disaster for Trump and Ryan

Now that the dust has settled and everyone is beginning to understand just how rediculous the Paul Ryan health care plan is some are suggesting it is so bad, so amateurish so needing lies to support it that it is designed deliberately to fail.  The rationale is that Republicans just do not want to own health care.  So says Ezra Klein.

"Quietly, the idea that the House bill is designed to fail is percolating around Washington. I’ve heard it from a half-dozen people now. The law’s construction is shoddy. The outreach has been nonexistent. The hypocritical, hyper-accelerated process is baffling. Nothing about it makes sense.
But if you flip the intention — if you assume Republican leaders want to see a repeal-and-replace bill die in the Senate so they can say they tried and move on to tax reform — all of a sudden, it makes much more sense. It explains why more time wasn’t spent getting the bill right. It explains why they’re going so fast. It explains why they don’t care what the Congressional Budget Office says. It explains why they aren’t doing the outreach that would normally buffer them from this backlash."

And from Paul Krugman is this picture of Paul Ryan drafting the bill.

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