Monday, March 27, 2017

Post Mortem on the Health Care Bill – Rest in Peace AHCA – Well at Least Rest

The First of Many Legislative Post Mortem’s to Come

What can be said about the crash and burn of Paulie and the Health Care Nuts?  Well there’s this

  1. The bill failed for the simple reason that it was a bad bill.  At the end it had the support of 17% of the public.  Even Republicans can understand 17%.

  1. Republicans came away from their meetings with the President amazed at his near total lack of understanding of health care.  The rest of us were amazed that they were amazed.

  1. The Republicans actually won here.  Had this bill been approved they would have been tarred with a policy that had no redeeming values.

  1. The challenge for VP Pence is to see if there is any way in which he can suck up more to Trump. 

  1. Plan B for the GOP is to blame future problems in the health care exchanges on the Democrats.  To assist in this HHS will do everything in its power to destroy individual health care policies.  They don’t care about a few million people losing health care, their goal is tens of millions losing health care.

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