Thursday, March 2, 2017

First Post Trump Inauguration Election - Democrat Anihilates Republican in Delaware State Senate

Might Be Signficiant, Might Not

Even though elections take place regularly, there are irregular elections due to in-term vacancies.  Such was the case in Delaware where a state senate election was held.  The stakes were high because the winning party would gain control of the state senate.  The Dem won, big time.

MIDDLETOWN — Stephanie Hansen won Saturday’s special election for the 10th Senate District, guaranteeing the Democrats will remain in control of the Delaware Senate.
Ms. Hansen defeated Republican John Marino and Libertarian Joseph Lanzendorfer by pulling in 58.1 percent of the vote. Mr. Marino received 40.8 percent, while Mr. Lanzendorfer earned 1.1 percent.

The win means Democrats, who have held the Senate for the past 44 years, will continue to do so. The party in charge of the chamber sets the daily agendas, determines committee assignments and chooses what committees bills get assigned to.

Stephanie Hansen, center, greets Bun Slaughter, right, and Robin Banning, both of Middletown at the Louis L. Redding Middle School while Hansen campaigned for the 10th District State Senate seat on Saturday. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)
Now it would be nice to read a revolution into the results, since the loser almost won the last time the seat was contested. But local elections are decided by, well, local issues and the Dems poured almost a million bucks into the race so it might not mean much. But turnout was high and there was national enthusiasm. The discouraging news, this.

Delaware is one of just six states with Democratic legislatures and a Democratic governor.

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