Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Imaginary Conversation Paul Ryan Has with his Children on His Cruel Cuts to Health Care for Those Who Cannot Afford It

Explaining to Them What He Did to Increase Illness and Disease for Low Income Families

For Paul Ryan,  the House plan to eviscerate Medicaid is the culmination of a lifelong dream.  Harming, even causing the death by lack of health care for low income people appears to be his holy grail, something he can now see happening.  So we wondered how he would explain this to his children.  If they did ask it might go something like this.

Children:  Daddy, what did you do at work today?

Paul:  Well I have just about completed a law that would leave millions of boys and girls just like you and their parents without health care.  Everyone is very proud of me.  With luck and the good Lord willing over 24 million people will lose health care after we finish.

Children:  But what happens when they get sick?

Paul:  They are just going to have to suffer.  See those people are just lazy and worthless and don’t deserve government supported health care.  Government should not be providing health care anyway, and if it does it should be only to good people.  And good people are not poor or disabled.

Children:  But mommy says the government helps provide us with health care help and that is why we have to go and get shots and can see a doctor when we don’t feel good. 

Paul:  Well that’s because I have worked all my life in government, not like those poor people who have decided to work at low paying jobs.  See government gives me a job because I try to help a lot of rich people get even richer so they can employ those other people, it’s called trickle down economics.  We help people like our old friend Mitt make millions a year so he can pay $7.25 an hour for people to clean his house and fix his pool, although don't tell anyone, but we think they are not legal residents of this country.  That's okay, Mitt needs them.    Remember, Mitt has a lot of houses so he employs a lot of maids and cleaning people. 

Children:  What if those people get sick?

Paul:  Then they can go and wait in the emergency room and after 8 or 10 hours they may see someone who can help them.  That wait is good for them, cause if they are just kinda sick and not facing, you know, death and maybe they will go home and take some aspirin and not bother the good doctors and nurses who are busy treating people who have real health insurance.

Children: Is that a lot of people?

Paul:  Well it’s tens of millions but I hope the make it a lot more.  We are a very religious family and as you know the Bible tells us that we help poor people by keeping them from just getting health care and not going to work just because they are sick or dead.

Children:  God must really love you for doing all this!

Paul:  Yeah, we are kinda special that way.  And I just hope when you grow up you can help us take away Medicare from old people.  We'll teach them to stand on their own two feet and pay for every dime of their health care.  They will be free at least, free of government tyranny giving them health care that only people like us deserve.

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