Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump is a Liar, a Bigot and a Failure - Despite Press Fawning Over a Platitudinous Ghost Written Teleprompter Speech

A Needed Reality Check

To listen to the media Donald Trump's past transgressions are no longer in existence, and his speech to Congress and the public is a triumph.  So let's look beyond the hype, the spin and the caving of the media to see what he has really done.

1.  Immigration Ban - Failure:  The nation was so at risk that Trump had to issue an emergency immigration ban that was so wrong, so illegal, so ill thought of that it was laughed out of court.  And the great emegency has disappeared as he is taking weeks to replace it.  No, there are no terrorists pouring into the country.

2.  Iran Deal:  The worst agreement ever, was going to be torn up on Day 1.  To date, nothing.

3.  NAFTA:  The worst agreement ever ( a person of Trump's intellect can have several 'worst evers') was going to be torn up on Day 1.  To date, nothing.

4.  Obamacare:  Failing, the worse health care evere, was going to be repealed on Day 1 and Trump had a replacement ready to go.  To date, no replacement, no repeal, Trump has no plan whatsoever, Republicans divided, Speaker Paul Ryan exposed as a fraud.

5.  LGBT Rights:  Candidate Trump said people can use the bathroom of their agenda, Caitlin Jenner could use the bathroom she identifies with.  President Trump, rescinding protection for the LGBT community.

6.  Russian Ties:  Nothing to see here folks, don't believe all the investigations.

7.  Tax Reform:  Big plans by Trump, at least that's what he said.  So far, nothing, nada, no mention other than 'we are working on it'.

8.  Defeat ISIS:  Trump has a plan, a secret plan, except he doesn't.  He's charged the generals about whom he said know nothing to come up with a plan.  Anyone want to bet against the fact that it will still be a secret next year.

9.  Undocumented Residents:  There will be a Deportation Force, oh wait, I didn't say that even though I did oh wait, we are having a Deportation Force, oh wait, maybe citizenship for undocumented residents, oh wait, I no idea what I am doing or what to do.

10.  First NSA Michael Flynn:  He is treated so unfairly, oh wait, Flynn you are fired.  Media's fault.

Yes, this is the man the formerly objective media says is acting Presidential.

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