Friday, March 31, 2017

Republicans Determined to Convert Victory into Defeat on Health Care Reform

You Just Cannot Cure Stupidity

The strategy to pass the Republican health reform policy, which was not really health care reform but a destruction of Medicaid combined with a tax cut for the rich was to first  ram a bill through the House. So no hearings, no amendments, just introduce and pass.  The next step would have been to ram the law through the Senate, same lack of input, and then adjourn for the early spring recess (as compared to the mid spring recess and the late spring recess which precedes the early summer recess).  The Republicans could then go home to voters and hope their wrath would fade before next year’s elections.

But it turned out this so-called health care reform was deeply unpopular.  So in killing the bill those who opposed it did the GOP a great favor.  But Republicans may be too dumb to take their victory lap.  They are talking about reviving the bill and voting on it, like in a couple of days. 

Now no one thinks this will happen, but in the crazy world of the GOP, who think God is talking to them and telling them to remove health care from tens of millions this is possible.  After all the whole purpose here is for the House members to say they did their job and leave it up to the Senate to save them from their idiocy. 

How dumb are they?  How low does the scale go?

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