Monday, December 26, 2016

Wall Street Journal Agrees to Blame Obama and Democrats for Trump Failures Through 2020 – “Well We Certainly Can’t Blame Republicans and Trump Can We?”

Supply of Outrage at Democrats to be Renewed

News That Did Not Happen

The editors of the Wall Street Journal today announced that even though President Obama is leaving office in late January and even though Democrats have absolutely no roll in the operation and policy of the government the Journal would still hold them accountable at least through the 2020 election.  “Every bad thing that has ever happened has been the fault of Obama and the Dems” said a WSJ editorial, and “to let them off the hook just because they have left office would be unfair to Trump and the Republicans.”

The WSJ explained that their editorial policy, which sometimes influences their news reporting when they can get away with it, is that facts and circumstances do not matter.  They said that even when Trump makes colossal mistakes they would still point their lily white finger at Sen. Schumer because, in their words “Who is going to believe that Trump would do something ignorant and stupid”. 

One problem for the Journal and other rabid right wing media is that without the Democrats in office they were running out of their supply of outrage.  Worried about being able to foam at the mouth the WSJ disclosed that it has rented a large warehouse and ordered a multi year supply of outrage and indignation.  The material was custom made for the Journal to include only outrage at Democrats and special filters will eliminate any disgust at Republican actions.  “The purity of our prejudices and biases against D and D (Democrats and Decency) will be preserved” a senior editor was quoted saying.

Unnamed sources reported that Fox News was looking into a similar strategy.

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