Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Koch Not Only Wants to Destroy What Makes America Great

He Wants to Make a Profit Doing It

The Koch Brothers, you know, the ones that put on those rosy commercials extolling the virtues of Koch Industries are using their billions to make America terrible.  They want to end environmental regulations and allow their firms to pollute with no restraints.  They want to control state legislatures so that things like public education, help for low income and minorities and basic services are all either eliminated or privatized.  They want an America controlled by the wealthy.

And now Charles Koch wants to expand, and make a buck doing it.

Charles Koch

Charles Koch - Playing Scrooge at a Government Near You

WASHINGTON — Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch is launching a new, for-profit communications agency to push his free-market agenda as his political empire gears up to shape policy in a Republican-controlled Washington and wage battles in state legislatures next month on issues from collective bargaining to occupational licensing.

Yep, the Koch Brothers, not only making hundeds of millions themselves, but using some that to keep anyone else from having a decent life.  And like a true man of wealth, a great opportunity to fire people.

David said Wednesday that 81 positions, out of 1,700 across the network, will be eliminated as a result of the consolidation.

And no workers, don't expect that call from the Trumper to save your jobs.

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