Thursday, December 8, 2016

Progressive Non-Trump Voters Ready “I told you so” Tour of White Working Class America

News That Hasn’t Happened But Should

Brooklyn, NY (UPS)  December 8, 2016.  A group of voters who did not vote for Donald Trump, of which there were more than 2.5 million compared to those who did vote for the Trumpet are organizing a tour of those white dominated counties that are economically depressed and voted for the Pussy Grabber.  The theme of the tour, ‘We told you so’.

The tour will feature speakers who will tell the Trump enablers what they don’t want to hear, that Trump is forgetting as fast as possible about them and that they are going to continue to fester in bad economic conditions until they start to vote for what is in their economic interest.   Among the topics announced are these.

  1. No Carrier did not save 1100 jobs, they were bought off to save 800 jobs and are still firing a lot more than that.
  2. Think you are getting a raise because of new labor regulations, not going to happen.  An anti minimum wage, anti Fair Labor Standards Act CEO of a fast food chain that pays its workers less than a living wage is the new Secretary of Labor.
  3. Think coal jobs are coming back; ain't gonna happen.
  4. Think manufacturing jobs in steel, textiles, furniture and the like are coming back?  Nope.
  5. That better and cheaper health care you think you are getting, no sorry, you will be at the mercy of insurance companies who can charge what they want. 
  6. That cheap health care policy you were promised, its coming but with a deductible you can’t afford to pay.
  7. Have a foreign sounding name, get ready for the deportation police to put you in a for profit prison for a couple of years until the courts can get around to hearing that yes, you were born in the US of A.
  8. Want to visit the wall Mexico is paying for? Uh wait, you are paying for it and it’s not a wall, it’s a fence, well not a fence, just a few signs, well not a few signs, just an ad in the paper.

Tour organizers said they had been told, however, that the media would not cover the events because they were afraid the conservatives would say hurtful things about them.

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