Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Entitled South Carolina Subdivision Doesn't Like the Look of Solar Panels in Their Neighborhood

Unbridled Arrogance Personified

For most people solar panels are beautiful.  Looking at solar panels is like looking at free non-polluting electricity.  But if you are an arrogant ignorant homeowner who cares nothing about anyone but themself maybe  you look at solar panels differently.

"Opponents of a solar farm proposed on Dials Mill Road are gearing up for a fight at the Jan. 4 BOC meeting.

Randy Jackson of the Belfair Subdivision Homeowners Association is rallying the troops to oppose the rezone request to allow a special-exemption variation for a solar-panel farm on 199 acres on Dials Mills Road."

What's their beef?  Oh this

"Jackson said removing the panels from the smaller tract was a step in the right direction. He maintains that rest of the last-minute changes were little more than window dressing and did not address any of the real concerns the opponents have to the solar farm. He says it will be an ugly blight in a residential area offering no real benefits to the county."
That's right, because these stupid people have somehow gotten into their pea sized brains that solar panels are ugly.  Or .maybe they just like pollution.  They are dumb enough to think it's good.

Good Grief

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