Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hospital Groups Warn of Catastrophic Losses on Repeal of ACA

What Are the Republicans Thinking?

When the ACA was passed it represented a bargain with hospitals.  Hospitals would get lower reimbursement rates, but more than make up the difference because previously uninsured patients who were essentially treated for free would now have insurance.  The hospital industry's bad debt expense would plummet.

So facing repeal of ACA here is what is happening.

 "The nation’s hospital industry warned President-elect Trump and                               congressional leaders on Tuesday that repealing the Affordable Care Act                  could cost hospitals $165 billion by the middle of the next decade and                      trigger “an unprecedented public health crisis.”

But since there is humor in everything, there is also this.

  "Since Trump’s election last month, most health-industry sectors have                        quietly been trying to glean — and influence — the thinking within                              Congress’s GOP majority and the president-elect’s transition team."

THINKING?  What would possibly give anyone the idea that thinking is involved here.

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