Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mitt - You Are Not Going to Be Secretary of State - It's Ok To Stop Sucking Up

Maybe Mitt Just Cannot Help It

After being humiliated and embarassed by Donald the Duck would-be but not-going-to-be Secretary of State Mitt Romney still wants to cement his reputation as the politician with the least core principles, a difficult to achieve goal in the land of Trump.  Writing in the Salt Lake newspaper Mitt is still trying to praise but not apologize.

"I was more than a little surprised that the president-elect reached out to me to potentially serve as secretary of state of the United States. I see it as a welcome sign that he will be open to alternative views and even to critics."

Really Mitt, you still don't know what they did to you?  Can you really be that clueless?  How is it that you have a lot of money instead of being a greeter at Walmart?

Why Is This Man Smiling?  Why Do  Any of the Clueless Wear That Stupid Grin?

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