Thursday, December 22, 2016

Again to Trump - You Are Not Yet President - So Shut Up

Just Shut the Hell Up

It has been the tradition in the United States to have one President at a time.  And that President, not anyone else, not the President elect sets U. S.  foreign policy.  But like everything else, Donald Duck does not understand these things, he thinks he is already President.

President-elect Donald Trump warned the Obama administration Thursday against a possible abstention in a key U.N. Security Council vote that would declare illegal all Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory in the West Bank and the mostly Arab East Jerusalem.
The resolution, initially scheduled for a Thursday vote, urges Israelis and Palestinians to commit to negotiations toward a two-state solution — a possible centerpiece for now-stalled peace efforts.

No Donald, you don't warn anyone.  You just shut up and hope that once you are in power you do not do anything stupid.  So far, everyone is pretty much thinking you will do something stupid, but wait at least.  And maybe, just maybe you will get some respect, unlike what you have given.

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