Sunday, December 18, 2016

Orthodox Jews, Not Palistinians, Arabs or Iranians are the Real Enemy Of Israel

Israel May Be Destroyed From Within

When it comes to dangers to Israel, there are plenty of enemies but the most dangerous may be the fanatical ultra-orthodox Jews who want (1) to have no role in the defense of Israel and (2) force every Isreali to lives their lives the way the ultra-orthodox live their lives.  Latest example, a dustup on dress code at the Knesset.

"The skirt-length skirmish burst into public conversation after the left-leaning Haaretz reported on the plight of Shaked Hasson, who was pictured in a slightly crumpled, above-the-knee blue dress and was held up by Knesset guards for nearly an hour on Sunday until her boss, Merav Michaeli of the center-left Zionist Union, intervened.
“Yes, yes, no less than five guards stood and visually measured up Shaked’s legs and decided that her attire did not allow her to enter the Knesset to do her job,” Ms. Michaeli, a feminist lawmaker, wrote in a Facebook post.
Describing Ms. Hasson’s experience as “humiliating,” Ms. Michaeli added, “Respectful attire yes, but no to modesty patrols.”
Other female workers subsequently reported having been sent home to change clothes, saying they had frequently been allowed into work in the same garments before."
See those five guards and other Israeli security forces and the ultra-orthodox who are instigating stuff like this ought to be worried about bombers and terrorist and a whole bunch of real Israeli enemies instead of acting like thuggish militant Islamists whom they more closely resemble than the majority of Jewish people who are open, tolerant, loving and caring.

PS  Don't Write - The Dismal Political Economist is Jewish

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