Tuesday, December 6, 2016

NC Gov. McCrory Wins Coveted Dual Title, Biggest Loser, Sorest Loser

Congrats Pat, You Are the Biggest Smuck of 2016

It was all going to be so simple.  Republicans in North Carolina would pass a law denying transgender rights, the Gov would sign it in the middle of the night before opposition got organized and the GOP would bash the Dems for letting men in women's bathrooms.  And it all went south.

So the day after the election Gov. Pat McCrory, Krapper Kop, found himself losing by a very small margin.  But he had a plan.  He would denigrate the vote to the point where he would call the legislature into special session to deal with 'flood damage' and then they would change the topic and declare him the winner.  All he needed was for the election to get closer.

But fate and decency prevailed, and as more votes were counted his losing margin became bigger.  Finally in one desperate attempt to steal an election, McCrory announced that Durham county votes were rigged and demanded a recount.  He got his recount.  The vote totals were unchanged.

So McCrory quit, conceded, walked away, slunk out of the capital with his pre-hensil tail between his legs.  Democracy won a rare victory, the candidate with the most votes was the winner.  But don't give up hope Putin lovers, McCrory just started the process of establishing a standard in which if Republicans win the election was fair; if Democrats win the election was fraudulent.  Donald Trump and his minions of oligarchy are waiting to carry the fight onward.

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