Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Miami Beach Mayor Asks Trump to Build Wall to Keep Ocean Out of Miami Beach

Could He Be that Stupid?  Apparently So

Global Warming is destroying Miami Beach.  The ocean level is rising and flooding the city.  The city is taking steps to stop the damage, with walls and pumps, although how exactly pumping the water back into the ocean will change things is not something anyone has ever explained.

Now in Time the major of Miami Beach is imploring Donald Trump to get the feds to build a wall.  Not to keep Mexicans out but to keep the ocean out.

Rising Sea Levels, Full Moon, High Tide Cause Flooding In Miami Beach
Miami Beach, Just a Subaru Forester Enjoying the Surf

"The problem of rising sea levels requires federal attention. There is a multitude of ways that the federal government can invest in resiliency here in Florida: building sea walls at particularly prone sections of shoreline, installing water pumps in at-risk coastal towns and cities or investing money in research by engineers and outside experts to find innovative solutions."

In other words, taxpayes who do not live in the very nice town of Miami Beach should save that town from the folly of global warming, which of course doesn't even exist according to the Trumpster by building a wall to offset rising sea level.  Tell us again why this is a federal problem in a state which is run by Republicans who hate the federal government and only want to decrease federal taxes which would pay for such a thing by giving a massive tax cut to the rich?

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