Saturday, December 17, 2016

Trump Gets Boeing to Sell White House New Fleet of Air Force 1’s for $1.00

Not Really, But Maybe -  News That Hasn’t Happened Yet
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Seattle (UPS)  Dec. 14.  Earlier this week President Elect Donald the Duck complained about the cost of new Air Force 1’s that Boeing would be selling the U. S., even though the price had not yet been decided.  Now the White House, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump Towers announced that Boeing has agreed to a price of $1.00 for the new planes, along with 17 packs of salted peanuts.  Details of the deal are now just emerging.

It seems that Boeing has just signed a deal with Iran to sell that country $16 billion in new planes, planes that will be made in the United States by U. S. labor.  But the deal needs approval and licenses from the new administration of Donald the Dorkster and so apparently the soon-to-be leader of the white people in the nation told Boeing that he might just not approve the sale.  But he also told Boeing that if they sold the U. S. the new planes for 75 cents he might consider approving the sale.

Boeing appeared to counter with an offer for $1.00 which was accepted.  Boeing praised the price as being a 33.3% increase over what the government had first offered.  Boeing expects to recover any loss on the transaction by a special lowered tax rate and by cutting wages and benefits.  “That’s the way the system ought to work” a Boeing spokesperson said.

Trump was pleased, tweeting "I really Jewed those people down."  When told that comment was offensive to almost every decent American Trump said "Not to my supporters" and went on to say he wasn't anti-Semetic, "I got me a Hebe son-in-law some Jew-baby grandkids.  They love me, everytime I see them they say 'Hi Gonif'"

The right wing commentaries led by the Wall Street Journal were blistering in the condemnation of the Obama administration for extorting a great U. S. company.  The WSJ editorials accused the Dems of communism, socialism and gangsta tactics.  Upon learning that it was the Republican Trumpette that did the deal they quickly took down their opinion pieces and praised the incoming stooges for saving the American people tax dollars.

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