Thursday, December 8, 2016

Man Shoots Up Washington Restaurant to Save Kids From Hilary's Porn/Slavery Ring

But to Right Wingers, It's Okay

The most bizarre story recently is not just that the right wingnuts have accused Hilary and company of running a child pornography and kidnapping scheme out of a suburban D. C. pizza parlor, but that anyone could take this seriously.  But in Rightwing mania that can happen.

And of course the conservatives in the  home town area where the gunman was from were not concerned about the possible tragedy, but about reflection on their town.

Salisbury NC - Where of Course People Believe Hillary Sponsors Child Porn/Sex Ring

“It could have been anybody from any state. It’s disappointing that it was a doofus from here,” Holtzman said of Welch. “Now the whole country is going to think North Carolina is a whole bunch of gun-toting hicks.”

Well, yes, outside of the metro areas that's about right.  But see it's okay, it's all about the children.

Susanna Hollingsworth, a 49-year-old painter who works at the store, suggested the news could be worse.
“He was deranged, but at least he was thinking about the kids,” she said with a grimace and a shrug.

Welcome to Donald Trump's America.

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