Friday, December 2, 2016

Chris Christie in Line to Be Doorman at Trump Tower

“Very Big Position” says Trump as He Announces This is Consideration Only

News That Didn’t Happen, But Will

Maro Largo Fl (API)  Dec. 3, 2106.  Donald Trump today announced that he is considering appointing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as Assistant to the Head Doorman at Trump Tower.  The so-called President Elect said Christie has the perfect temperament to be a NYC doorman, and although he cannot be considered for the top doorman position Trump feels that with enough experience in opening the door, calling a cab and groveling in general Christie could go far.

“I can see him at the White House serving tea” Trump tweeted.

Christie said he is honored to be considered for the “position, and said his only condition was not to serve in Jersey where, as he put it, “Sewer rats have a higher positive rating than I do, although to be fair most have lead better public service lives than I have.”  A spokesman for the Sewer Rats Coalition of New York and New Jersey declined comment other than to note that sewer rats are offended at being in the same category as Christie.

Mitt Romney is said to be disappointed, commenting to friends that he sucked up twice to Trump and thought he had the  inside track here.

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