Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Govt Position - Undersecretary of Energy to Help Rick Perry Find the Departmentof Energy

Great Career Opportunity for a Qualified Sycophant

Now that the Trump Dummy has picked former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to be the new head of the Energy Department, someone is going to need to clue the clueless in on some basics.  Like what the Department is and what it does.  Seems Perry does not know.

From USA Today (who does know)

Why is this man smiling?  He found his way to work today, not like other days

Perry unsuccessfully sought the presidency twice, and the Energy department played a role in his infamous "oops" moment during his run for the 2012 Republican nomination. During a debate in late 2011, Perry could name only two of three Cabinet departments he wanted to abolish; Energy was the one he couldn't recall.

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