Friday, December 23, 2016

NC Gov. Pat McCrory Could Have Left Office On a High Note

But He Slinks Out of Raleigh to Find His Way Back Under The Rock

Special Session
True Patriots - North Carolians Protesting Stalin Like General Assemby

Much has been made about the Republican legislature in North Carolina.  After Republicans lost the Governorship to the Democrats because of a vicous nasty bill attacking the gay community and transgender people, the Republicans passed laws removing much of the power of the incoming Democrat.  This anti-democratic use of political power has been harshly condemned, although that didn't phase the GOP who have gerrymandered themselves into safe seats.

The bills went to outgoing Gov. Pat McCrory who could have distinguished himself by vetoing the bills.  Had he done so they still would have been enacted by the veto proof legislature, but he would have regained some of his dignity and respect.  Instead the governor signed the legislation, thus cementing his reputation as not just a small, narrow minded political hack, but one who also has no respect for democracy, elections and the voters.  In short, a Trump appointee-to-be.

Good riddance to this petty little sore loser.

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