Wednesday, December 7, 2016

AG to be Jeff Sessions Apparently Did Nothing for Civil Rights

But His Claim To Doesn't Matter - Lies Don't Matter Anymore

The nominee for Attorney General, the wanna be Grand Dragon Senator Jeff Sessions has tried to refute accusations of racism on his part by claiming a big role in fighting for civil rights and de-segreation when he was a U. S. Attorney in Alabama. Of course, that claim rings hollow by itself since Sessions was rejected by a Republican Senate for a judgeship because he was a racist.

Now the Atlantic has investigated the claim that despite the demonstrated racism of Mr. Sessions he was a civil rights fighter.  Guess what.  He wasn't.

Senator Sessions - Without the White Sheets

Sessions himself claims to have been a champion of desegregation. “I filed 20 or 30 civil-rights cases to desegregate schools and political organizations and county commissions when I was a United States attorney,” Sessions told National Reviewin 2009. . . .

The Atlantic could not find evidence Sessions filed any new school desegregation lawsuits. Searches of the legal databases Westlaw and PACER found no evidence that any new school-desegregation lawsuits were filed in Alabama’s Southern District by Sessions between 1981, when Sessions became U.S. attorney in Alabama, and 1995, when he became Alabama attorney general, though it is possible that the records exist but are not in those databases. The Atlantic could find no reference to the claim in the transcripts of his 1986 confirmation hearing.

Now in the world before Trump lies mattered, at least they mattered if you were caught in them.  No more, Trumpworld makes up its own rules, no truth allowed if it contradicts the Trump's fantasy universe.

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