Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Parents of Girls Who Texted Vile Racists Comments Are Reacting Like Rich Entitlement People – They Are Suing the Marist Private School That Expelled Their Daughters

Why Aren’t The Parents Embarrassed and Ashamed?  Well Their Daughters Do Use Alias of Jane Doe and Jane Roe and Parents Hid Their Names

Oh, Because If they Could Feel Those Emotions They Would Not Have Raised Their Daughters as Racists

It seems some of the over-privileged kids at an elite private school in Chicago engaged in what many of the over-privileged do, they expressed their ugly racism to others.

Threats of a protest prompted school officials to cancel classes. Leading up to that announcement, one of the students sent a tweet that said the Black Lives Matter group would bring members of the Gangster Disciples, a street gang from Chicago’s South Side, to “to kill all white kids” in Mount Greenwood in retaliation for Beal’s death, according to the complaint.

“I F—— HATE N——,” one student wrote.

“HAHAHAHA,” responded another.

“same,” another message read.

“there’s a difference between black people and n——, f— the n——,” another said.

So ultimately two girls who are un-named to protect their privacy (although why that should be allowed is beyond understanding) were expelled.  And their parents, well this is what they did.

The families of two white Chicago teens who were expelled last month over “racially insensitive” text messages that were shared on social media are now seeking $1 million in a lawsuit against officials at the school.

The lawsuit accuses Marist High School and two officials at the private Catholic school of unjustly expelling the students over text messages that were meant to be private. The complaint, filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of the girls and their fathers, acknowledges that the comments were “at most, racially insensitive” and argues that the school used the girls as “scapegoats” amid social media backlash over the comments.

Now what these future Klan members and their parents do not understand, other than what it means to be an American and decent compassionate human beings is that what attracted them to a private school is what allows the private school to expel them.  See private schools can do pretty much what they want, when they want and how they want.

The plaintiffs claim that the decision to expel the two girls was “arbitrary and capricious,” noting that the group text consisted of 287 messages and that many of the comments had similar language. They also claim the girls were expelled without being formally charged with misconduct or going through a disciplinary process.

Ok rich bastards, if you want your rights protected by the public sector go to the public schools.  And by the way, you ought to let everyone know your names, what’s the matter, think your decent friends if you have any will shun you.  Let’s hope so.

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