Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kellyanne Conway to Serve in White House - To Serve Coffee That Is

And Other Snarky, Impolite Comments on the News

Ms Conway has been "rewarded" with an office in the White House.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Kellyanne Conway, the Republican pollster and strategist who helped guide Donald J. Trump to victory in November, on Thursday was appointed counselor to the president, becoming the highest-ranking woman at the White House and one of his principal messengers to the public.

Ms. Conway will also be the lowest ranking woman in the White House, because there ain't gonna be any more.  It was not reported that Conway was practicing her lines for her new job, lines like "Do you want fries with that?"

Trump's Big Beautiful Wall Becoming a Small, Ugly Fence

Reality is setting in on the incoming Trump administration as they realize a wall is just not possible.  As for paying for it, well just put it on the credit card.

In an interview, Representative Henry Cuellar, whose district includes a 200-mile stretch of border and reaches 150 miles north, to San Antonio, said that the chief patrol agents from two border sectors in the state had contacted him last week. They said they were doing so at the request of the incoming administration, Mr. Cuellar said, and solicited his ideas for where such a wall, or a fence, should be built. . . . . .
According to Mr. Cuellar, the agents said they had argued against the transition team’s request, and shared his view that it would be impossible to wall or fence off Laredo, a city of 255,000 and the busiest inland port on the American side of the border. They said the transition team had insisted.
Okay, so maybe reality is not there yet.
Finally, some stories just write themselve.  And all those chumps who voted for Trump to bring back American jobs, we that's why you are called chumps.

Trump vineyard seeks Labor Department approval to hire foreign workers

Eric Trump, in the vineyard at Trump Winery on July 20, 2011. The vineyard is seeking special foreign worker visas from the U.S. Department of Labor, a move which experts say creates a clear ethics conflict. (Jack Looney).

 Nothing to see here folks, just another rich kid outstanding in his field.

Trump Vineyard Estates LLC filed a request Dec. 2 with the Labor Department for six H2 visas, which permit U.S. employers to hire foreigners for seasonal jobs such as pruning grapevines, which is what the request said. The request was posted online by the Labor Department on Wednesday and first reported by BuzzFeed News.
The workers are needed to prune the vines on the estate, the Labor application said, and they would be paid $10.72 per hour for a 40-hour, six-day week. The jobs are anticipated to last from January to June.

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