Sunday, December 25, 2016

Republican House Leadership Ecstatic and Giddy Over Taking Health Insurance Away From 20 Million People

We Just Can’t Wait They Exclaim

Editor's Note:  This just in for your holiday cheer

An interview that hasn’t happened

With the new Congress set to convene The Dismal Political Economist did no sit down with the House GOP Leaders to discuss their repeal of ACA.  Here is what they did not say, but probably would have.

DPE:  So how soon will you get 20 million people out of the health care system?

GOP House Leaders:  Well we will repeal the law on January 3, but we won’t really repeal the law on January 3.  See that’s just what everyone thinks we will do.  So we will repeal it but not repeal it.

DPE:  I am confused.  Will you kick 20 million people out of health care on January 3 or not?

GOP House Leaders:  Oh no, we want to savor every last one of them losing health care.  We do it all at once it would be a great high, but then it would be over.  We think we can extend the misery over months, maybe over years.

DPE:  What’s your new plan look like?

GOP House Leaders:  It’s called Access! Yes, exclamation point.  Access!  It means that everyone will have access to health care, that’s everyone.  As long as you have the cost of a doctor’s visit or hospital stay you, your family and everyone you know can get health care. 

DPE:  But suppose they don’t have insurance and don’t have money for the services?

GOP House Leaders:  Well then they don’t get health care, do they.  We ain’t running a charity here.  This is big business.  In every other aspect of life you don’t have the funds, you don’t get the goods.  We are just trying to bring health care in line with the rest of the way the economy works.  It’s not like health care is a life and death situation.

DPE:  Uh, actually it is.

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