Thursday, December 22, 2016

After Losing Governor’s Race North Carolina Republican Legislature Votes to Eliminate the Position

“Outgoing Republican Gov. Pat McCrory Just Did What We Said Anyway” GOP Leader Says

News That Didn’t Happen – But Might

Raleigh, N. C.  Dec. 20 (UPS).  The Republican controlled state legislature in North Carolina today reacted to the loss of incumbent Republican Pat McCrory in the state’s gubernatorial race by voting to eliminate the Governor entirely from state government.  The unprecedented step came after the GOP members of the state senate concluded that nobody wanted a Democratic Governor in the first place, even if a majority of N. C. voters opted for Democrat Roy Cooper over Republican Pat “the Krapper” McCrory.

Legal scholars in the state said the move was unprecedented and violated the state’s constitution but legislators rejected that argument saying that as Republicans they were not bound by the state laws, regulations and constitution.  “We can do anything we want” said a house member who refused to give his name because, as he said “why would I want all those ‘obey the law’ kooks after me”.

Republicans had initially intended only to strip the newly elected Democratic governor of all power and authority, but then just decided to eliminate the position altogether since in their view it was just a waste of money.  But in a peace offering to the state’s electorate the Republicans said that they would reconsider restoring the position just as soon as a Republican was elected to be Governor.  “That’s what the people want” a house speaker said, adding “I don’t care how they voted, we know what they really desire and if they want to keep the right to vote they better start voting the right way”. 

A number of Republican state legislatures were closely following the development in case voters tried to elect Democrats in the 2018 races.

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