Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Gang of Useful Idiots - the True Danger in a Trumpet Administration

So-called Friends Are Going to Get Us All Wiped Out

Topping the list of the many amazing things that have happened since the election is the legion of anti-Trumpster men and women who have sleazily made their way to Trump Tower to bow before the not-so-great charlatan.  The top sycophant, never to be equaled was of course Mitt Romney.  But others are challenging him in the race to hypocrisy.

In a meeting with tech execs Trumpman did his usual con job

Tech CEOs meet with President-elect Donald Trump in New York on Wednesday.
Tech CEOs meet with President-elect Donald Trump in New York on Wednesday.PHOTO: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

"President-elect Donald Trump struck a conciliatory tone at the start of a high-profile meeting with top tech executives Wednesday, telling Silicon Valley leaders that his goal is “to help you folks do well.

But one would have hoped the tech people would have recognized the threat he poses.  Instead they just sucked up.

Any tensions between the two sides weren’t visible at the start of the meeting, when everyone at the large rectangular table went around and introduced themselves.

And here is reaction from names we all recognize.

Mr. Bezos, who sparred with Mr. Trump during the campaign, said he was “super excited about the possibility that this can be the innovations administration.”
Palantir CEO Alex Karpsaid, “I hope we can help bolster our national security.” The data-mining software company, in which Mr. Thiel is an investor, counts many federal agencies as customers.
Ms. Sandberg said she was “excited to talk about jobs.”  

Ok everyone, supress the vomit urge and think about the threat we are talking about here.  If the Duck can bamboozle these supposedly smart and principled people, think about what he can do to the yahoos who voted for him.  Yeah, it's that risky now.


Mr. Cook of Apple and Mr. Musk of Tesla are scheduled to stay at Trump Tower after the meeting to meet privately with Mr. Trump.

Yep, two tech giants are stayed behind after the meeting at Ugly Trump Tower.   There they will be screwed.  Figuratively of course.  The scary thing, they won't even know it.

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