Saturday, December 31, 2016

Brain Dead and On Life Support, Mideast Peace Process Now Officially Dead

Some Serious Stuff

In recent years Israel has faced two futures.  One future is the ultimate settlement of the conflict it has with Arabs and Palestinians, with the creation of a peaceful Palestinian state and a de-militarized Jerusalem.  The second future is unending war with its neighbors leading to, well other than death and destruction inside and outside of Israel, nobody knows.  Israel chose decades ago and now that choice has become carved in stone.

Using the excuse that the Arabs are not willing to recognize Israel and make peace with it, which they are not and have never been (but that is not to say that someday they might) Israel has decided that it will continue to build settlements in the West Bank to such an extent that a peaceful solution to its unending war with Palestine can never happen.  The nation had two choices, negotiate a settlement when the leaders of the Arab  world became ready to reach a settlement or expand itself to ultimately take over the West Bank and the entire city of Jerusalem.  It has now chosen the latter.  Israel is moving irrevocably towads furure war.

Israel has steadily moved towards the position of settlements and permanent war, albeit a war that will take breaks every now and then.  The Obama administration realizes this and hence its last gasp effort to move Israel towards a settlement.  That effort has failed, the new administration will support Israel's expansion, and terrorism and bombings will start up again as Arab frustration boils over and the future is bleak.  Jews will once again die, both inside and outside of Israel.  The march of folly continues.

Happy New Year everyone.

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